Texpress is here. Are you ready?

Texans are getting introduced to the new Texpress lanes on our highways that feature fluctuating toll prices. The concept is meant to manage traffic flow and, like previous toll roads, help finance needed construction projects. Texpress is coming to these highways in North Texas – LBJ Freeway, DFW Connector, Interstate 35E, Interstate 35W, State Highways 121 and 183. There is also a plan to add these on US75 as well – but there is a considerable opposition to that.

There are more things you need to know. This article on DallasNews is quite informative. There are discounts such as HOV discount for these lanes – but you need to register your vehicles and apply for discount before your ride to be eligible. So go ahead and register and download texpress app on your phones  so you can quickly request your ride when in need.

You have been watching all the trouble on 635. See below to know whats being built there. There are more videos of interest in the LBJExpress youtube channel.

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