Second Spiritual Fitness Camp in Dallas

On Friday, August 1, the Dallas Jamaat held its 2nd Annual Spiritual Fitness Camp. This is a three day camp targeted for ages 7 to 18 being organized across the country.

Imam Hammad sahib from the National Tarbiyyat department led the camp, which started after Jum’ah prayers on Friday. Imam Hammad Sahib gave a brief overview of the camp and contents and silent prayers, followed by a team building exercise. Then we had the ‘create knowledge’ class, where we were taught the correct format of a speech and were also assigned different topics. Later that evening we had a Q/A session with Murrabi Sahib, where we could various questions and get very informed answers.

The next day, after Fajr, started off with the recitation of the Holy Quran class in which the students recited a portion of the Holy Quran. Then we had the ‘show me how to do it’ class on how to properly perform Salat, with the correct posture and prayers to recite. The ‘finding knowledge’ classwas very interactive with students exploring for information and learning how to navigate the website. Then we had our rest period and sports. At night was the ‘create knowledge’ class, followed by another Q/A with Murrabi Sahib.

The third and last day of the camp started off again, after Fajr, with the recitation of the Holy Quran, which was followed by the ‘show me how to do it’ class, in which we learned how to lead the Friday Sermon & prayer and the etiquette for Janaza prayer. Then in the ‘finding knowledge’ class, Murrabbi Sahib asked us to find different items from,,, and In the ‘applying knowledge’ class, we had a discussion about different “hot topics” that the youth faces these days. Then we had our rest period and sports. In the evening, we had the ‘create knowledge’ class in which we presented our speeches. This was the last class of the camp. After this we had an interactive Jamaat program lead by Murrabi sahib. At the end of this program, certificates were handed out to all the participants of the camp. The evening ended with silent prayers, Namaz and dinner.

Pictures from the event are available here.

Contributed by Haseeb Sheikh

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