Remember 9/11; Replenish our blood banks

Its September again and the Muslims for Life blood drive is back. This campaign started 4 years ago at the tenth anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11, with a goal of saving 10 times the lives we lost on that terrible day. The campaign was very successful and having gathered support from people of all faith or no faith, from parking lots of shopping malls to churches and mosques, from city halls all the way to the Capitol Hill, the journey continues with more than 10,000 bags of blood collected every year. In the last three years it has collected enough blood to save more than 100,000 American lives. What else can be more pro-life than saving lives?

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Dallas has always been very active in this drive and we have already listed the following sites for blood donation this year. Anyone above 16 can be a donor. Beneath our color, race or religion, we all share the same blood. Take this opportunity and help us give back to America and its people. We are also looking for volunteers at Collin College (both campuses) who can motivate the students to give blood, to work with our partner, Carter blood care.

Sep 7th      Sunday    Ahmadiyya Muslim Mosque, HedgCoxe Rd., Allen
Sept 24th   Wednesday  Collin county college  Spring creek campus  Plano
Sept 25th   Thursday      Collin county college  Preston Ridge campus Frisco
Oct 25th     Saturday     Vista Ridge Mall Louisville
Nov 5th      Wednesday  Collin county college  Preston Ridge campus Frisco
Nov 6th      Thursday      Collin county college  Preston Ridge campus Frisco

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