Garland Attack and our response

On Sunday, May 3, 2015 an anti-Islam group, American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) co-founded by Pamela Geller organized a cartoon drawing contest of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX. This event was held in response to a Peace event organized by CAIR earlier this year at the same facility. The cartoon contest winner was awarded $10,000 for his drawing. There was a shooting outside the venue. Two gunmen opened fire, shot and injured a security officer. Fortunately, they were killed by a police officer.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA immediately issued a press release condemning this senseless attack. The press release by national media team was sent to Dallas media outlets as well. President of the Community in Dallas, Mr. Suhail Kausar was interviewed by four TV stations including a Spanish TV station. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA National Spokespersons, Mr. Qasim Rashid and Mrs.Saima Sheikh were interviewed by Fort Worth Star Telegram. Below are the media links including the press release.

  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA Press Release:
  • Univision Ch. 23 (Spanish): Video
  • WFAA CH 8 (ABC):  News Story
  • Fox 4 News: Report
  • Fort Worth Star Telegram Interview by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA national spokespersons, Qasim Rashid and Saima Sheikh
  • Op-ed by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA Spokeswoman and Dallas Jamaat member, Saima Sheikh published in Patheos blog, “Speech Should Inspire Peace – not Hate”
  • Star Local Media newspaper, did story on ‘National Day of Prayer’ and mentioned President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Dallas, Suhail Kausar’s prayers
  • Fort Worth Star Telegram’s Letter to Editor Condemning Garland attack by AMC Dallas members Yahya Tariq and Ahmed Malik
  • Dallas Morning News’ Letter to Editor condemning Garland attack by AMC Dallas member Haseeb Sheikh

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