Join the True Islam Campaign


To provide all Americans a clear way to distinguish True Islam from extremism and to unify Muslim Americans on the correct understanding of Islam that Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) taught. The Campaign strengthens America’s national security against extremism.

The Eleven Points

The True Islam Campaign establishes the correct Islamic understanding of the following eleven points.

  1. True Islam wholly rejects all forms of terrorism
  2. True Islam believes in non violent Jihad of the self and of the pen
  3. True Islam believes in the equality, education, and empowerment of women
  4. True Islam advocates freedom of conscience, religion, and speech
  5. True Islam advocates for the separation of mosque and state
  6. True Islam believes in loyalty to your country of residence
  7. True Islam encompasses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  8. True Islam believes in all verses of the Qur’an and forbids lying
  9. True Islam recognizes that no religion can monopolize salvation
  10. True Islam believes in the need for unified Muslim leadership
  11. True Islam rejects the concept of a bloody Messiah

If you agree with these eleven points that Islam clearly teaches us, endorse them

Read more about the campaign.

Here is Harris Zafar, national spokesperson of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA presenting the campaign


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