IQRA Advisory Committee meeting

On Sunday December 4th, 2016, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dallas hosted the first ever advisory committee meeting of IQRA, a Dallas area alliance of Muslims in the DFW area to promote inter faith understanding and peace.

Dr. Shazia Anwaar presided the meeting and Dr. Bashir Ahmed, founder and President of IQRA moderated the meeting.

Mr Munawar Malik, Vice President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dallas introduced the community and its history. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has been in the forefront fighting for peace and against terrorism of any and all kinds. We have been advocating for separation of Mosque and State and to keep the sanctity of both.

Dr. Bashir Ahmed introduced the audience and raised the concern about the world peace. Centuries old civilization is getting destroyed and millions of Muslims are losing their lives – and most unfortunately Muslims are the aggressors too. Big powers are selling arms through Muslim countries which is being used by Muslims to kill Muslims. He said IQRA wants to motivate the area Muslims to create a “united cohesive Muslim group” who can do what we can to strive for establishing peace in the world.

Mr. Moazam Syed presented the history of activities of IQRA before the advisory committee started deliberating ideas for future plans of IQRA. Mr. Murtaza Sardarwala moderated the deliberations.

Various members presented a lot of ideas for reaching out within the Muslim community and extending to the larger faith and non faith community in the area.

The meeting was attended by around 30 people representing various organizations such as Council of Sunni Imams, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation, Islamic Centers of Irving, Frisco and Plano, Shia community, Bohra community, to name a few.

Here are some pictures from the event.

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