Remembrance of the Holy Prophet (sa)

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dallas observed Seeratunnabi meeting today at Masjid Bait-al-Akram.

The program started with recitation of the Holy Qur’an by Haseeb Sheikh. Hamza Suhail recited Arabic Qaseeda by Promised Messiah (as) in praise of the Holy Prophet (sa) followed by translation.

Dania Mohammed presented the topic “Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa)’s elevation of women” focusing on what he did to raise the status of women. She started with the status of women in the pre-Islamic Arabian culture where women were treated so inhuman that burying a girl child alive was so common. Holy Prophet taught his followers that “Paradise lies at the feet of the mother”

Waqas Hussain talked briefly on some of the teachings of the Holy Prophet. His core teaching was based on one principle – Worship one God. Allah says in the Holy Qur’an that the purpose of our creation is Worship. But worship does not mean sit and pray. All activities in life surrounds and supports true worship. No nation in the world has not gone without a prophet. All prophets were servants of God and came to guide humanity to the One God.

Serving humanity is a pillar stone of being a Muslim. This also is a form of worship and every such service we do and every act of charity should be as an act of worship – to gain the pleasure of God. True Morals are the ones that benefit the humanity, not oneself. The prophet taught us that the same good that we like for ourselves shall we like for our brothers and neighbors as well. To develop true morals, one should get rid of all arrogance and pride and try to achieve a purified soul. Islam is a living religion and keeping the connection with God is key for us to keep on this journey.

Tahir Abdullah shed light on the Biblical prophecies about the advent of the Holy Prophet (sa). John 14:26 talks about how the Comforter, when he comes, shall teach them all things. As per the Bible, the comforter will come after Jesus departs, and he will teach about sin, that he will not speak his own words, rather will speak what he hears.

He also spoke about the prophecy in Deuteronomy 18:18-19 about a prophet that will come from among their brethren and I will put my words in his mouth. He will tell them everything I command him. Also in Deuteronomy 33:2, there is a prophecy about ten thousand saints at mount Paran.

Another important prophecy that he brought up was from the Song of Solomon (5:9-16) where there is a prophecy about The Beloved One. The hebrew word used actually sounds “Muhammad”

Sohaib Sheikh spoke about Family values in Islam as taught by Prophet Muhammad (sa). In the current US society, only 25% of children are living with both biological parents – contrast with 90% of households in American in 1890 had their grand parents also in their homes. He spoke about the rights and responsibilities of man and woman in establishing and maintaining a family life.

President Suhail Kausar gave the concluding speech on how the life of Holy Prophet has been a is still a blessing for the mankind. Allah says that He has not sent him rather than as a Mercy for all mankind. His life was not just for Muslims. In this day and age, many Muslims, without understanding his life and teachings are behaving differently, which is very unfortunate. He delved into how the names of the Prophet – Muhammad and Ahmad – give a deeper connection of his person to the Almighty God, who is Rahim and Rahman. He enjoined everyone to look at the age of the Prophet and how he transformed a nation of an immoral nation into a nation of angels. The world is now again in disarray and what we need is such a transformation and by following the footsteps of the Holy Prophet (sa) we should be able to help the world and solve all the problems. The way to win the world is by winning the hearts by love, by service and by discussions.

The meeting ended with silent prayers.


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