Welcoming 2017

Are we ready for 2017? Here is a self-evaluation questionnaire according to the Friday sermon delivered by Hazrat Khalifat ul Masih V on 30th Dec 2016, prepared by the Tarbiyat Department.

1. Have we fulfilled the oath of not doing Shirk?

2. Have we spent this past year being completely pure from lying?

3. Have we kept ourselves away from such doings which bring bad thoughts to mind?

4. Have we kept ourselves safe from bad sights?

5. Have we tried to keep our selves away from everything to do with corruption and immorality?

6. Have we kept ourselves safe from every type of injustice?

7. Have we kept ourselves pure from every type of treason?

8. Have we tried to stay away from all kinds of mischief?

9. Have we abstained from all types of rebellious behaviour?

10. Have we been defeated by our sensual desires?

11. Have we kept up with offering our five daily prayers?

12. Have we concentrated on offering Tahajjud prayer?

13. Have we been regularly sending Durood on our Holy Prophet (sa)?

14. Have we abstained from giving any type of hardship to our loved ones or strangers?

15. Have we regularly been reciting Istighfaar?

16. Have we been focused on praising Allah?

17. Have we tries to stay away from superstitions and other meaningless talks?

18. Have tried to completely fulfil and adhere to the commandments of the Holy Qur’an and of the Holy Prophet (sa)?

19. Have we tried to bring a softness and humbleness upon ourselves?

20. Have we tried to completely free ourselves of arrogance?

21. Have we tried to achieve the highest standards of good manners?

22. Have tried to excel in religion and its glory on a daily basis?

23. Have we excelled in the love for Islam to such a level that it is more important to us then our wealth, honour and children?

24. Have we excelled in the love for Allah’s creations?

25. Have we tried with all that is possible by us to benefit the creations of Allah?

26. Have we been praying that we forever obey the Promised Messiah as and increase in his obedience?

27. Have we excelled in brotherhood and obedience to such an extent that all other relations fall short of this?

28. Have we prayed that we excel in loyalty and obedience towards Khilafat e Ahmadiyya?

29. Have we regularly prayed for the Khalifa of the time and Jamaat e Ahmadiyya?

If many of these questions have been answered yes, then despite some downfalls the year would have been spent well. But if many answers are in the negative, then we should ask for this prayer in particularly that ‘May Allah forgive any previous downfalls and that in the new year give us more and more opportunities to gain (spiritually) and be included inthose believers whom are forever ready to sacrifice everything for Allah the Almighty’.

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