‘True Islam’ Initiative at Arlington Rotary Club

President of Arlington Rotary club invited Mr. Suhail Kausar, President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dallas Chapter to address their members meeting on Nov. 16, 2017 after being recommended by one of her club members.
Mr. Suhail Kausar spoke about the ‘True Islam’ initiative of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, highlighting some of the misperceptions non-Muslims have about Islam. The speech was very well received by the audience, which was followed by Q&A. The attendees appreciated the contents and welcomed to have more of such interactions. One member while appreciating the message of True Islam, expressed his apprehension about other Muslims’ approach and conduct outside our community. However, it was highlighted that the strength and the purity of the message ultimately touches the hearts of the people as we all have experienced during the reign of God’s messengers. Although the Prophets had only a few followers in the beginning, their noble and loving conduct inspired large number of people over time, with the help of God Almighty.

The meeting was attended by about 60 club members.’

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