National Amla in Dallas

From February 8-10, Dallas got the privilege to host National Amla. Ameer sahib along with Amla members came to spend the weekend.

On the 9th of February Ameer sahib inaugurated Fortworth Mosque Baitul Qayuum. After a brief program at the ceremony, he spoke to both Dallas and Fortworth Jamat members about the importance of congregational prayers and Huzoor’s emphasis on it. There were 70+ Ansar present at the event. He congratulated all the attendees and guided us in silent prayer.

Next day, he attended monthly meeting with Dallas Jamat. He discussed about the financial state of US Jamat and focused on Dallas’s sacrifices. He answered important questions regarding financial matters. Our local Nasir Irfan Rabbani sahib said “Session with respective ameer sahib was very focused to the point reminder about our financial sacrifices. Ameer Sahib’s reminder on nizaam e wasiyyat participation and awareness of financial sacrifices according to prescribed earning income was very focused in the meeting. In summary his entire approach was tarbiyyat and love for Allah over material things.”

Ameer Sahib’s presence was blissful and gave encouragement to members to face upcoming and ongoing challenges. May Allah bless him, the Amla, and the whole jamat and help us to stay on the righteous path. Ameen


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