Members of US Congress in support of two Ahmadiyya men arrested in Pakistan

Seven members of U.S. Congress (led by the Ahmadiyya Caucus Co-Chairs) has released a letter addressed to Secretary Kerry on February 26, 2016, calling on him to intervene and call on Pakistani authorities to drop the cases against two elderly statesmen of our Jama'at: Abdul Shakoor Sahib (optician) and Tahir Mehdi Sb (Editor, Al Fazl). Full letter... Continue Reading →

Saima Sheikh: Charlie Hebdo anniversary image is poor use of free speech

Thursday marked the anniversary of the barbaric attack on Charlie Hebdo office in Paris. It is a somber anniversary. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris who have suffered many tragedies in the past year. Charlie Hebdo has released its anniversary cover featuring a cartoon depicting “God” with blood and a gun under... Continue Reading →

Dallas Ahmadi family featured in USA Today

A week ago, as terrorism stuck San Bernardino and an anti Muslim reaction was coming up from multiple quarters, Rick Jervis, a reporter from USA Today contacted this website to understand our reaction. Sister Saima Sheikh, member of Dallas Chapter and a national Spokesperson for the community got in touch with him. Rick visited with the Sheikh... Continue Reading →

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