Dr. Shams Rasheed passes away

It is with great sorrow we announce the demise of Dr. Shams Rasheed, one of the early members of the Dallas Jama’at.  Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajioon.

Dr. Rasheed leaves behind his wife Amtul Wadood (Doodi), a son Bilal, and two daughters, Sairah and Saba Rasheed along with 5 grandchildren.  Dr. Rasheed was humble and loving and made a deep connection and a lasting impression on whomever he came across. He was an accomplished neonatologist and had a long and illustrious career.  He was retired and lived close to Ahmadiyya Mosque in Allen.

Dr. Rasheed was the son of Abdur Rasheed Tabassum, of 103-C Model Town Lahore, Pakistan, a well-known poet and laureate of Jama’at.  His sister, Arifa Haleem is an active member of  Chicago Jama’at and a regular contributor to The Ahmadiyya Gazette.  He also has a brother Abdushukoor who resides in Springfield, IL and a sister Salma Tabassum who is in London.

Dr. Rasheed was the son in law of Abdul Rehman Khan of Model Town. He has two brothers in law, Nadeem Khan and Waseem Khan of Lahore and two sisters in law,  Amtul Quyoom (Qoomi) (wife of Major Maqbool Ahmad) and Bushra Kark (wife of Abdul Munim Kark of Dallas Jama’at.)

Funeral prayers will be held at the Masjid on Wednesday October 22nd at 01:30PM and the body will be taken afterwards to our graveyard for burial. The address for the graveyard is 5805 Texoma Parkway, Sherman, TX 75090-2133.

3 thoughts on “Dr. Shams Rasheed passes away

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  1. oh, my God, tonight I was relocating two of his art pieces ( he gave us a few years back, we look at it every day and remember him ), in our home, I thought of calling and talking with him , . but unfortunately the recorded message was telling that the number was disconnected , so I Googled him and find out this sad news,
    my Condolences to Doodi , Bilal , Sairah , Saba and the rest of the family .
    what a great I GREAT man he was, with a great heart I am so sadden .
    Mehrdad Jahani

  2. I am so very saddened, as Mehrdad is, with this bad news. My condolences to Doodi and the whole family. Although we had not seen him in a while, but we already miss him.

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