Honor the Fallen. Serve the Living

As we commemorate the 15th anniversary of the deadly attacks on our nation, this 9/11, as with previous few years, Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is organizing blood drives nationwide, to honor the victims. Over the past few years, we are thankful to our friends and neighbors, we could collect enough blood that potentially saves 130,000 lives.

This year again, we are hosting a number of blood drives in the community, including one on Sunday Sep 11, at our community center at 1850 HedgCoxe Rd., Allen.

The blood banks are calling for community participation as their blood stock is below recommended levels. They are in need of all types of blood. Please come forward and donate. Honor the fallen by supporting the living.

What: Blood Drive

When: Sep 11, 2016. 12PM to 4PM

Where: 1850 HedgCoxe Rd., Allen, TX 75013

Please schedule your appointment here or email us at serve@islamindallas.org

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