Dallas Ahmadiyya Muslims Celebrate Eid – The Festival of sacrifice

Media Advisory For Immediate Release:  October 3, 2014                                             Contact: Dr Jari Khan, Media Spokesperson  | Jari.Khan@ahmadiyya.us | 214-364-7011 Dallas Ahmadiyya Muslims Celebrate Eid - The Festival of Sacrifice Annual Muslim holiday commemorates Abraham’s sacrifice and marks completion of pilgrimage to Mecca Dallas area  Muslims join the whole Muslim world to celebrate Islam’s most important holiday, Eid-ul-Adhia. Eid-ul-Adhia... Continue Reading →

Everything big in Texas, so is Review of Religions subscriptions too

Alhamdulillah, here is a great success to be proud of ! With the added 25 subscribers from Dallas Jamaat, Texas is now the state with the most subscribers in the country. Well, as we say, everything big in Texas - why not the pie of this chart too? More than 10% of nationwide and more... Continue Reading →

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