Talking Health: Benefits of turmeric

What does yellow color remind you? How about turmeric? Thats the health topic this month for Ansarullah USA. Arguably turmeric is the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. Do you mean it benefits both your body and brain? Read this article that lists 10 evidence based health benefits of turmeric. Brought to you by Dr. Munawar... Continue Reading →

Managing Financial Obligations

We get into a lot of financial responsibilities in our daily life, with a limited source of income and unlimited ways to spend. How do we prioritize these obligations? God or Ceasar? The answer is easy. But practically we have challenges. Dallas Ansarullah is meeting in November to openly discuss and understand what the challenges... Continue Reading →

Free Medical Services from Ansarullah USA

Majlis Ansarullah Dallas is pleased to announce a new initiative from the National Ansar group that focuses on providing free medical services to any member who may be without health insurance. This effort is for all members, young or old, male or female, and consists of phone consultations and/or actual office visits. HOW IT WORKS:... Continue Reading →

Second Annual Interfaith Iftar

Salam Dallas Jamaat Members, MKA Dallas- one of the leading Muslim Youth organizations- is proud to announce that we will be holding the iftar dinner on the 26th of July during the blessed month of Ramadan. If you recall last year, with the efforts of numerous Khuddam, we were able to put on a fantastic... Continue Reading →

Physical Benefits of Fasting

Many people observe fasting as a religious obligation but only few know the health benefits it has. Fasting is a good practice, if properly implemented. It promotes elimination of toxins from the body, reduces blood sugar and fat stores. It promotes healthy eating habits and boost immunity. Here are top 10 health benefits you can... Continue Reading →

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