Embracing new year by embracing those in need

As parts of the nation is buried into celebrations of new year, many of our neighbors are yet to recover from the damages of an EF-4 tornado that stuck the area on Dec 26. Many members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community decided to embrace the new year by embracing these people in distress rather. They... Continue Reading →

Youth and Government – Leadership Opportunity for students

Youth & Government is a YMCA program that has been in Texas for over 65 years. The mission of Youth & Government is "to help teenagers become responsible citizens and future leaders of the nation." The students achieve this by increasing their political awareness through hands-on learning. Throughout the year, they will learn about different... Continue Reading →

Free Medical Services from Ansarullah USA

Majlis Ansarullah Dallas is pleased to announce a new initiative from the National Ansar group that focuses on providing free medical services to any member who may be without health insurance. This effort is for all members, young or old, male or female, and consists of phone consultations and/or actual office visits. HOW IT WORKS:... Continue Reading →

Second Annual Interfaith Iftar

Salam Dallas Jamaat Members, MKA Dallas- one of the leading Muslim Youth organizations- is proud to announce that we will be holding the iftar dinner on the 26th of July during the blessed month of Ramadan. If you recall last year, with the efforts of numerous Khuddam, we were able to put on a fantastic... Continue Reading →

Coming soon! Tahir Academy

Following Khalifatul Masih(aba)'s approval of Shura proposal for creating a unified platform for moral training of children in America, National Tarbiyat Department has launched the nationwide Tahir Academy program. The Tahir Academy will provide for the Missionaries, Auxiliaries and other teachers to provide a streamlined Sunday School education for our kids. There are around 5... Continue Reading →

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