Coming soon! Tahir Academy

Following Khalifatul Masih(aba)’s approval of Shura proposal for creating a unified platform for moral training of children in America, National Tarbiyat Department has launched the nationwide Tahir Academy program. The Tahir Academy will provide for the Missionaries, Auxiliaries and other teachers to provide a streamlined Sunday School education for our kids. There are around 5 such academies in the US right now and USA Jamaat has decided to expand it to 25 Jamaats this year. Alhamdulillah, Dallas will be joining the league with our own Tahir Academy starting Insha Alah this August. This will be open for all children between 5 and 15 years of age to enroll.

Why do children love their Tahir Academy? Watch this video:

What happens to Atfal and Nasirat classes? How about other activities? Have more questions? See all the answers in the FAQ here.

How the Academy will be administered? Watch the video below

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