Attack on Muslim Capitol Day and our response

Texas has been hitting the nation's headlines for demonstrating intolerance of late. It was indeed another sad day when various Muslim organizations decided to hold a Capitol Day for Muslims to reaffirm their loyalty to the country. But what followed left a back mark on the progress we have made from our old practices. Sister... Continue Reading →

Did Muhammad command Muslims to defend his honor? No..

Sister Saima Sheikh of Dallas Chapter has written the following coloumn on Dallas Morning News dated 28 Jan 2015. Sister Saima is also a National Spokesperson of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA. Anti-blasphemy laws that punish profane or contemptuous speech, writing or actions concerning God or anything held as divine are nothing new. They’ve been around... Continue Reading →

Status of Women in Islam – by Saima Sheikh

In a recent interview someone brought up the issue that Muslim women are not treated equally under Islamic Shariah law. Their analysis is on the basis of what they have seen in Muslim majority countries such as Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia doesn’t speak for Muslims nor did the Holy Quran or Prophet Muhammad appoint Saudi... Continue Reading →

Protest Before God With Prayers

Demonstrations. Blockade. Rampage. Attacks. The common methods of venting off anger. How condemnations manifest these days. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community condemns all acts of terrorism. But where are the demonstrations. What did the community do when the shocking attacks on peaceful school children take place in Peshawar. How did the community react? Sister Saima Sheikh... Continue Reading →

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