Step back and reflect: Message from second Interfaith Iftar

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Dallas had their second interfaith iftar (breaking of fast) dinner on 26 Jul 2014. It was attended by people of multiple faiths and no faith and the guest speakers talked about the practice of fasting in their respective faiths.

Sreekumar “Sree” Bhaskaran hails from India and is an Assoc. Professor at Cox school of Management at SMU. Sree touched various grades of fasting among Hindus and how it helps people to take a step back from our daily lives and reflect upon inner self. Rev. Annelda Crawford of Pleasant Mound-Urban Park United Methodist Church explained the concept of fasting among Christians. She shared how Jesus warned people who are fasting from showing off – we should keep the fast unto God. Imam Mubashir Ahmad, regional missionary of Gulf region pondered over the Islamic fasting and the need of focusing on being good by focusing on our relationship with God as well as our relationship with rest of the humanity.

After felicitations by other guests, we broke fast and after prayers had dinner with all the guests, including interfaith activists, media personnel, Chiefs from Allen and Plano PD and friends from other churches. Dinner was cooked by our youth all by themselves and guests appreciated the noble effort in cooking, serving and cleaning up.

Below is a short video clip on the event and click here for pictures.

See report appeared in The Muslim Times written by one of the guests to the event.

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