Interfaith October

We are starting a series of Interfaith conferences, working with Town North Presbyterian Church in Richardson where the two communities will engage in discussions and QnA for better mutual understanding and for identifying possible collaboration between us for the benefit of the society we live in.

The first of this series will be held as follows. Our regional missionary Imam Mubasher Ahmad sahib will be presenting Islam on this event. All are invited and requested to attend this and the ones following.

When: Sunday October 19, 5PM to 7PM

5.00 PM                 Greeting/Introduction

5.10 to 5.30 PM     Muslim  Presentation by Imam Mubasher Ahmad
5.30 to 5.50 PM     Christian Presentation by Senior Pastor David Rogers
5.50 to 6.30 PM     Q/A
6.30 to 7.00 PM     Refreshments

Where: Town North Presbyterian Church, 1776 N. Plano Road, Richardson, TX 75081 [Map]


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