Sister Bushra Kark passes away

We lost one of our prominent sisters, sister Bushra Kark recently. Below is a memory of her, as reflected by his son Khalid Kark

My mother, Bushra Kark, 66, passed peacefully Tuesday October 14, 2016 in McKinney, Texas. She bravely fought a four year battle with cancer. Born in Lahore, Pakistan, she spent most of her life there. Growing up she was an exemplary student and skipped grades twice at Sacred Heart School. Later, she completed her Bachelors (Honors) in Economics from Punjab University. After getting married in 1974, she devoted herself to raising her four children.

In late eighties she invested her energies in an entrepreneurial venture. As she did through her life, in her business she found a way to serve humanity. She preferred employing single women or women in need. Her one ask for all her employees was that their kids go to school. She regularly kept check on their education and often supported them during difficult times.

Throughout her life she served Jammat in various capacities, but most significantly she was the secretary Maal for Lahore Cantt. Jama’at for 19 years. Our residence “Kark House” was the local Jama’at center for a number of years where we had regular Jama’at meetings and daily Salat. Even after the Masjid was built on the adjacent plot, our house remained the hub of activity, it was frequently used for large gatherings and social events, like weddings and Iftaar dinners. There was rarely a time growing up when we did not have any guest staying at our house. She not only opened her house to the guests but also made sure that these guest were looked after and fed properly.

In 2010, she along with our father moved to United States permanently. She was the daughter of the late Abdur Rehman Khan (of Model Town, Lahore), grand-daughter of late Sheikh Abdur Rasheed of  Batala, sahabi-e-Hadhrat Aqdas Masih-e-Maood (alaihissalaam). Our paternal great grandfather Dr Abdul Ghani Khan Kark (of Zanzibar, East Africa) was also a sahabi Hadhrat Aqdas Masih-e-Maood (alaihissalaam) and a close associate. She leaves behind her husband, Abdul Munim Kark, three daughters Hadia Khan, Sadia Ayaz Chaudhari, Madiha Kark, a son Khalid Kark and five grandchildren.

Her Namaz e Janaza was held on October 16, 2016 at Bait Ul Ikram Mosque of Allen by Mubashir Ahmad sahib, Murabee Silsala.

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