An Apple changes the world.. (much before Jobs and much before Newton too)

This story is not current. But its moral is current and will always remain current. And its a true story.

The setting is in ancient Iraq. The Iraq that was brimming with civilization and where Islam rose to its full glory with religious and scientific education at its peak.

There was this young man walking down by a river bank. He suddenly saw an apple on the way, which he picked up and ate. Suddenly a Hadith flashed across his righteous mind.

The Prophet passed a date fallen on the way and said, ‘’Were I not afraid that it may be from a Sadaqa (charitable gifts), I would have eaten it.’

He felt bad and started walking along the upstream river in search of the orchard. He finds the owner and offered his sincerest apology. The owner of the garden agreed to accept his apology, but demanded……….

Read the rest of the story in Dallas Ansarullah August Newsletter

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